5 Homepage PBN Backlinks DA 40+

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5 top quality PBN backlink with DA 40+.

Quality backlinks like these guarantee keyword ranking improvement.

You now need fewer links of higher quality to rank top.

With this SEO service, you are getting just that.

All work is manual and of the highest quality.

Our network is well maintained and a backlink from these sites will work wonders for your rankings.

PBN Details

  1. All on different IPs – NO FOOTPRINTS 100% safe
  2. High-quality readable content that the search engines love
  3. All links sit on the high PA homepage
  4. All links will be dofollow
  5. Very low outbound links on all blogs (maximum rank juice passed)
  6. Full report when complete

What you need to know:

  • These are real sites and not subdomains
  • We allow unlimited URLs and keyword (you can give us 5 different URLs and 5 keywords if you want to)
  • All PBNs are indexed in the search engines
  • High quality links so rank improvement is guaranteed
  • In the report, you will see all PBN link URLs
  • Takes 5 to 7 days to complete for safety and to look natural
  • All PBN links are permanent to ensure rank improvement sticks
  • We accept all keywords in any language (on this one, all content will be in English to keep the blogs looking authentic)
  • We add the content to the sites, which is readable and will index

Here are some of the websites in the network:

PBN 1 Metrics

This website has a zero spam score and a very high domain authority of 57.

PBN 2 Metrics

This site also has a zero spam score and a domain authority of 60.

Of course, to keep the outbound links down we are constantly adding sites into the network.

All our blogs are indexed, have a low spam score and most importantly, will help your website increase keyword ranking.

We use these links on our own sites, here is a ranking boost they gave used on a site just recently.

Ranking results of PBN backlinks

As you can see, this website went from rank 13 to rank number 1 after using these PBN backlinks.

These backlinks work and will for your website too.

To protect this network we will not give out samples before you purchase.

We provide a full report when complete, all PBN URL’s are included in the report.

What we need from you:

  1. URL’s (you can split between 5 urls)
  2. We need your 5 anchors to be used

The backlinks are published over 3 to 5 days to look completely natural.

Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days


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